Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is to generate consistent stable and predictable real absolute returns over the long term. We are always mindful of evolving investment objectives, demands and constraints and portfolios are dynamically adjusted accordingly.

In constructing a prudent portfolio based on only the best industry expertise and experience, we make certain strategic long term geographic and asset class allocation decisions.To prudently do this, a wide range of asset classes, local and international, are investigated and researched and blended to provide extremely high probabilities of achieving client set objectives within agreed risk parameters.


Kindly take note that the fraudulent entity referring to itself as “RWM Trade” has falsely claimed to be an affiliate of Renaissance Wealth Management UK Limited.

RWM UK does not have any affiliates and will never ask you to transfer funds into RWM UK’s account. We’ve reported the website and notified the FCA of the clone. Please contact us directly if you are unsure about our services.



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